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Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery terms and conditions
Time in New Zealand is: 8:21

Same Day Delivery

(Mon to Fri) is available to Australia and New Zealand on orders placed before 2pm in the country's time zone, and to the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland on orders placed before 12pm in the country's time zone.

(Sat) is available to Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland on orders placed before 10:00am in the country's time zone.

Sunday Deliveries Sunday delivery is not available in most areas.


On special occasions like Mothers Day and Valentine's Day, it is essential to get your orders in as soon as possible, preferably several days in advance. This is so the order cango into the delivery schedule to avoid dissapointment. We will do our best, however no guarantees are made for delivery on special occasion when the order is placed the same day.

Gift Baskets Delivery

Most of the gift baskets are made by the local florist, sometimes they can be delivered the same day as per the flower delivery details above. However; if the florist does not have the items in stock then the basket will usually be delivered the next business day. Some gifts come from one of our specialist suppliers around the country. These have a delivery time of between 1 and 4 days.


These prices include the delivery and handling which vary depending on the destination country. All prices include tax (GST).


All prices are shown in the currency of the country that you have selected to send your gift to.